Beading: I Am Working On…

Just wanted to tell you a few things about.. the things I am currently working on, the latest class I signed up for and what my plans are for April crafting.

Peyote Bracelets 

After seeing how pretty my peach two drop peyote bracelet turned out, I wanted to make another one.  This stitch is really fast so I made not one but three more.  In purple, aqua and bronze.  I have trimmed each bracelet with tiny 11/0 seed beads and now just need to decide what beads to use to decorate (embellish) the top.  For the clasp, I think I will try a snap closure if I can find some sturdy ones at the fabric store. I added a little extra length for overlapping just in case.


Next Beadwork Class

I signed up for one more class this month. I will be making a herringbone bracelet made with seed beads and crystals. Can’t wait!!

Sewing Projects

In April I will start doing some sewing. I have a “still brand new hardly used” sewing machine I purchased almost a year ago. I bet I haven’t sewed on it more than 24 hours. I don’t know what I will sew but with millions of patterns on the market, I should be able to find something of interest. 

Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but I will still find time to do beadwork. I really like making peyote bracelets. I find it relaxing.  I will do both. Sew and peyote stitch. After all, it is still sewing…just with beads, right?   😀