Thinking Outside the Box


These boxes are so cute!! I just love them.

When I first spotted these boxes in Michael’s Crafts I stopped and stared. The tag said Scrap Paper Scissors, Tote with Plastic Cases.  Fabric boxes for scrapbooking supplies. So bright and colorful. I wanted to touch them, pick them up. Oh, no. DON’T TOUCH THEM!! Brain alert: Buying spree about to begin!! Stopping to stare is bad enough but for me…. TOUCHING usually means “get out the wallet.” They were just too cute to pass up. In lime green, hot pink and black. 


I picked up the black one, held it out, sizing it up. I was looking for a reason not to buy it. Thread hanging off, color blotches, any flaw.  Darn, no flaws. I even carried the pink one with me up and down the aisles while browsing. At the checkout, the black one won out.  Scrapbooking supplies WOULD look nice in these BUT… nope…I planned to use mine to organize my jewelry supplies.

Back at home, I had the toughest time deciding what to move from old plastic storage to new cute fabric storage. So…the next day I returned to Michael’s to buy the pink one.


And then, yep, you guessed it. I rushed back by week’s end to buy the lime one. I am sure if other colors were offered I would have bought those too.


There are three plastic cases in each fabric box with plastic divider tabs. The cases measure 10 3/4″ L, 7″ W, 1 1/2″ H.  The tabs slide in and out to make rearrangement fast and easy. I removed some of the divider tabs to make larger compartments.

This is how I have mine set up, turned on the side, with the opening facing me for easy access.



I have nine plastic cases filled with…

  • spacers
  • chain links
  • earring findings
  • jump rings
  • crystals
  • clasps
  • wood beads
  • glass beads 
  • gemstones

Now when I am ready to make jewelry, I no longer have to hunt for “stuff.” I can spend time designing and creating instead of opening and closing dozens of little plastic cases, boxes and bins. I still have supplies everywhere but my staples, the items I use the most, are in clear view and accessible.  And oh so cute!!



7 comments on “Thinking Outside the Box

  1. WHAHAHAHAHA! You’re silly.

  2. don_mae says:

    LOL!! Did you see those green beads you sent me up there?

  3. Quilty says:

    Donna, you’re hilarious!
    But wait… isn’t there room for a fourth plastic box in each of those baskets, making 12 in all, and room for even more beads? Another plastic box in each would stop them from rattling around and the lids possibly coming undone and all your beads spilling out. Oh heavens! You can’t have all your beads spilling out! Now back to the plastic box shop with ya! 😀

  4. don_mae says:

    LOL!! Then I wouldn’t be able to get my fat fingers in there. The tops lock really well. 2 clamps each. I have dropped the cases and turned them upside down. Nothing moved out of place. Glad of that. Thanks for the tips. 😀

  5. Quilty says:

    But Donna, there is plenty of room at the sides for you to ease out a box. Try it and see! Put 4 boxes in one basket and practise, practise, practise! After all, how much persuasion do you really need to buy 3 more plastic boxes and therefore room for even more beads? 😀

  6. Quilty says:

    BTW, those are exactly the same kind of boxes that I use for my beads. They do work very well. 🙂

  7. don_mae says:

    I might add a 4th case to each box..that space is just sitting empty…while I have clutter elsewhere. 😀

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