A Clasp on Memory Wire? Huh!!

Sunday, July 27

Trying to be different. That is me.

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I made this new bracelet… from more black rubber tubing… but this time with a jungle flavor. Don’t know what the focal beads are called. I searched for them in my Bead Directory but couldn’t find them. I think they are bone beads but not 100% sure. They look like someone dipped their foot in brown ink and stomped all over them. :D

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Anyway… after adding the beads, I bent the ends of the memory wire as usual. Then added a few dangles. BUT I also added a few jump rings PLUS a toggle bar so when connected, the bracelet has the look of a chain going across the memory wires. You also do not have to worry about the bracelet falling off your arm.

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I used various sized wooden beads, 5-6mm black glass round beads, black rubber tubing and the four larger bone curved rectangular beads.

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This design is kind of what I have in mind to make jewelry for men.

Blue and Orange Necklace Made From Wire Caged Beads

Sunday, July 20

Time sure flies when the creative juices are flowing.

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The six wire caged beads I made on Thursday were calling out to me.

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I wanted to make something with them while they were fresh on my mind. When I finally finished and looked at the clock, I had been at it for over three hours. I never stopped to sip from my ever present lemon flavored ice water or to take a health break.

At first I made a bracelet but could only fit five of the cages within 7″ without making it too long. One cage was leftover. What to do? What to do with the one left? I have two ears so earrings were out of the question. Keychain? That was my next option. What about a pendant? One wire cage on a necklace was just too skimpy.

So… I took apart my nicely made bracelet and started over.

I made a necklace instead.

Using different sized glass beads in orange and blue, I spaced the caged beads about 2 1/2 inches apart. Seed beads and silver plated spacers were used as fillers. I finished off the top with silver chain links.

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I wanted more color so I made a 2-strand necklace of seed beads. One orange and one blue to pick up the colors of the larger glass beads. 

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Looking it over I thought something was still missing. How about more chain links? So I added a separate length of chain.

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Now I was satisfied. My necklace had layers. Three separate necklaces which could be worn all together or worn as one or two.

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Supplies used for this project:

  • 6 wire cages made from 20 gauge wire
  • blue and orange glass beads; different shapes and sizes
  • silver plated oval spacers
  • 8/0 seed beads in orange and blue
  • chain links, silver plated
  • lobster claw clasps, silver plated
  • 10mm jump rings, silver plated
  • heart charms, silver plated
  • 4mm sterling silver round beads
  • silver plated wire guards
  • silver plated crimps
  • Beadalon #18 stringing wire

Connecting Wire Squares, Making a Necklace

Thursday, July 17

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Ever try to make a PERFECT square out of wire?

Not possible, at least for me. My edges are rounded no matter how carefully I bend the wire. And try as I might, I could not get two squares to come out exactly the same. I kept making them until I ran out of wire. I have to admit, the last few were much better than the first ones. So practice does make perfect.

My early intentions were to make a bracelet. I got quite a chuckle when I connected four of them with jump rings and draped them around my wrist. OK. So… On to Plan B. Hubby said it before I did. “They would make a nice necklace.”

I selected the best of the bunch, only discarding one. The rest ended up around my dummy’s chest and shoulders.

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I added several links of chains and used lobster claw clasps on both sides to connect them. I love working with chain links. I bought a lot of it months ago but am just now starting to incorporate it into my designs.

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To make these squares, I used 12 gauge brown wire and followed a design found in one of my wire making craft books. I kind of improvised, making my squares slightly larger than the book.

Before making the larger squares, I first practiced with thinner 20 gauge wire.

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The first one is laughable. But instead of tossing it, I kept it as a reminder that the “next” one should be better than the last. As you can see from my line up that is so true. Not sure what I will do with these squares made from 20 gauge. They are too thin to hold up in a permanent design. Great for practicing though.

So… what do you think?

Bracelet To Go With Onyx & Gold Earrings

Wednesday, July 16

Finished this bracelet yesterday. I LOVE it!! Hubby loves it!! He has asked that I keep this set, including the earrings.

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I used the same supplies as I used to make the earrings with two exceptions. I added bead caps to a couple of the Onyx beads. Just to change the look a bit and not have all of them the same. And I added a few daisy spacers when wirewrapping the flat oval Jasper beads. Again, to add variety.

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Bracelet measures 8″ and has a gold plated lobster claw clasp.

A perfect match to the earrings.

Dangling Earrings in Onyx and Gold; Hearts & Crystals

Tuesday, July 15

Wirewrapping IS getting easier. I don’t even dread it anymore. Though it takes longer to make, you can go off in many directions as you can see from the earrings I made last night.

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Dangles with two tiers of gemstones plus crystal charms using links of chain and jump rings. 

I rarely make earrings so I surprised myself in making them FIRST. When I do make earrings it is usually because I have beads leftover, just enough to make a pair. But this time, I had an idea for a dramatic pair and kept changing, rearranging the pieces until it matched the image in my head.

Now, I have to work on the bracelet. The base is finished. Next I will wirewrap the beads and then decide if I want a full look or sparsely filled look. I would like for the bracelet to match the fullness of the earrings if I have enough pieces.

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Supplies used in this project:

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  • Chain link coils, gold plated
  • Black Onyx beads, oval shape
  • Jasper beads, flat oval shape and smaller round ones
  • Topaz Crystal Dual Channel Connector, gold plated
  • Jet Crystal Hearts, gold plated
  • Jet Crystal Round Channels, gold plated
  • 3mm gold filled round beads
  • Jump rings, gold plated, 6mm, 18 ga and 4mm, 21 ga
  • Fish hooks, gold plated
  • Headpins, 3″, 21 ga, gold plated

Art Glass Bracelet and Others In The Works

Tuesday, July 8

To make this bracelet, I used up quite a few of my art glass beads purchased from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads sometime last year.

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Made this bracelet like a charm bracelet only without the charms. I wirewrapped each bead and added small round gold beads and bead caps. If the bead hole was small and the headpin did not slip out, I didn’t add a small gold bead as a stopper.

The colors of the beads are mostly purple, lavender and green with a few in yellow and orange.

For the bracelet base I used a 7″ length of chain. I pried off the closed rings connecting the links together.

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I attached wirewrapped beads onto 7mm split rings and reattached these split rings to the chain sides. Bracelet measures 8″. Took me about 3 hours to make.

I made these loopy loops using my other wire making jig called The Thing-A-Ma-Gig. I bought it several months ago but am just now using it. It has metal pegs that you place in holes spaced out over a metal square base. I don’t quite like what it has produced so far but will continue trying to make things using it. I am sure with more practice my designs will improve.

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The wire is 12 gauge, thick but manageable. I have an idea for making this into a necklace using a chain or beads to connect with the bottom portion. But for now, that is all it is, an idea. I tend to work with brown a lot, that being one of my favorite colors. I will add beige or orange to brighten it. I want to harden the wire before getting started.

This morning I threw this bracelet together from a box of beads I had been staring at but had done nothing with yet.

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Several months ago I purchased five bead listings from a lady on Etsy. She was practically giving her beads away. She called the listings Stash #1, Stash #2 and so on. It was a mixture of just about everything one accumulates over years of beading. When I first got the box in the mail, I sorted everything by color and type. Wood, metal, seed beads, larger beads, etc. Then weeded out any that were damaged or unusable. Now I just need to finish it.