Quilted Postcard Mug Rug

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Always have to be different… That is ME!!

As I was making this quilted postcard for my exchange partner, I knew two things.

  • It would NOT be mailed directly through the postal system. Too much work for it to be possibly damaged or soiled. No way!!
  • I wanted it bigger than the standard 4″ by 6″ postcard. Wider and longer.

So… I made a Postcard Mug Rug instead.

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I put a “stamp” on the postcard just for fun. How cool is this!! Abe Lincoln on a 3 cents stamp. I found it while searching for something I could use to put in the top right corner. I used Transfer Paper to iron the image on the muslin. My first time using transfer paper.

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Shhh.. my exchange partner’s name is Linda. I don’t think she reads my blog so I believe it is safe to post photos here. And if she does see this before she receives it in the mail, then Happy Valentine’s Day, Linda. :D

So, this is going in the mail tomorrow. Deadline met, one day ahead. Oh, BTW, I met my Spool Blocks deadline too. Gone, out the door, last week.

Two deadlines down. Two to go. My bead challenges. More on those later.

Linking up to Finish Up Friday over at Crazymomquilts. Check out the sites. Lots of pretty projects completed. It is well worth the time to click on each one.


Mickey Finish Friday

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I started these Mickey Mouse pillow covers last year. There were four. I only finished one. These three were left. Sitting. Waiting. They were nagging at me so I decided to work on them. Actually I kept thinking about the first one and how it turned out. I loved it. And so did the little girl whose parents bought it for her at my 2011 December winter craft show.

This is how the one that sold looked.

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Kind of made me think I should have finished the others. Maybe they all would have sold. :D

Which brings me to today’s Finish Friday. I finished one pillow cover two days ago. It didn’t take long since the front was already quilted.

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Just needed to decide on a closure. I decided to add a zipper. Along the bottom. The 1st one I made had a fold-over envelope back but took longer to make. I thought putting in a zipper would be easier. Quicker. Not!! It took about the same amount of time. And I was only able to round the two top corners. Without it looking all funny.

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I finished another pillow cover last night. This one… back to an envelope back and four rounded corners.

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There is one more pillow cover ready to be quilted. I will do an envelope back for that one too. Though the zipper looks nice and all, the fold-over back just looks more polished, huggable.

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The pillow forms were recycled. Made from batting scraps. I save all batting scraps, large and small in a plastic bag.

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When the bag starts to overflow, I make pillow forms in different sizes. They work great for my photo ops.

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Feels really good to finish up something that has been patiently waiting for some sewing love. Yay!!

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I am going to work on the third one today and try to finish it up too. If I do, I’ll update this post.

Linking to Crazymomquilts for Finish Friday. Go check them all out. Lots of pretties.


Having Fun Trying To Meet Deadlines

Deadlines.. I guess I have sign-up-itis. I have so many “make it, finish it” deadlines coming up in the next few weeks, that I had to make a list.

In my quilt group there are two. Block Lotto, Win The Pot. This month’s blocks were easy. Spool blocks. I already made hundreds of the scrap blocks you start off with. Just needed to add the sides and tops. Mail out date is Jan 30.

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All of these aren’t going. I am keeping the orange ones. I have an idea for them.

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And second is something I have been thinking about making for sometime now. Even purchased a book. Fabric Postcards. I just need to make one with a Valentine-theme for my exchange partner. I went around the house (crafts supplies in every room :D ) collecting up red stuff.

There are lots of on-line sites with great instructions. I read quite a few but basically they all told me what my book did. What to do. What not to do. I have an idea. Several ideas. I will get started and see where it takes me. Postcard needs to be mailed by Feb 1st.

Here is the book I purchased a couple years ago. It has great templates!!

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BEADS… Yay!! I get to fondle my beads. I have two beady challenges coming up.

The first is over at Bead Happily Ever After. Crystal’s 2nd bead challenge.

Valentine’s Day Design Challenge.


For this one, in my head is a necklace. Once I have all my supplies gathered, I will get started. For sure red and white. But I might toss in a little pink and/or purple. Just to be different. Deadline is Feb 10. Go check it out. Still time if you would like to enter.

And then there is Bead Soup Blog Party where I send off a package of beads and in return my assigned partner sends me a package of beads. A bead kit to make something. No seed beads so I will be dusting off my stringing and wireworking skills. Going to be interesting. Mail out date is January 31. Reveal date is March 3. I will post what I made here on that date. My partner does the same on her blog. You can see the list of all the participants here.


And lastly… I have a few of my own personal deadlines. Things to challenge myself. New (to me) quilting techniques and never-tried-before blocks. All before the end of first quarter. So as you can see, I am going to be busy, busy…

Hope you will return to see them all. Thanks for stopping by. :D

How Would You Quilt This?

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Whew!! Finished!!

Took a week of..

  • planning
  • cutting
  • designing
  • taking photos
  • changing
  • sewing
  • pressing
  • taking photos

But finally, the quilt top is completed and now hangs on my design wall.

It measures approximately 66″ by 76″. In case your monitor displays my “pop” color as red, it is orange. Tangerine.

In the above photo I have the quilt turned on its side just to get it all in for the photo.

This is what it looked like before adding the borders.

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After adding the borders. The bottom is the top. Sorry you have to twist your head a bit. :D
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I love this corner. The top right side. (Yes, I know. Another head twister. :D )

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Some areas could have been arranged differently. Even could have used full blocks instead of half ones in a few spaces. But hindsight just helps me on the next one. I am satisfied with how it looks.

Now I have to decide the best way to quilt it.

I could outline each square. Would take forever!! I could do straight lines inside each vertical column. One to the right of the seam and one to the left of the seam. Or I could outline each zig-zag section. Following up, down, all around. Or even diagonal lines, corner to corner?

After spending a week making the quilt top, I don’t really want to spend another week quilting it. I am so itching to get started on my next project.

Question to all you quilters out there….

How would you quilt my quilt top?

You can read my other posts about this quilt here.



And another… :D


I am linking this post to “Finish It Up Friday” over at CrazyMomQuilts. Go check them all out.


OK, I Approve, Ready To Sew

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Organized Chaos.

This arrangement is more to my liking. Tamed somewhat. It is still “busy” but I knew it would be before I started.

The look I am going for is white/black zig zag, black/white zig zag, white/black zig zag, and so forth.

I already started sewing the half blocks together. You can see some of them up on my design wall. Tomorrow I start sewing the long strips together. And then I have to decide on the border fabric and how many. I am thinking two.

While working on this layout, several others popped up. They are now in my Idea Journal for future consideration.

Sneak Peek: Striped Zig Zag Quilt

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Can you believe after two days this is all I have to show you? :D

I spent 1 1/2 days thinking, pondering, changing my mind (twice) and slowly cutting. My original plan was to do HST’s. Half Square Triangles. But cutting the strips on the diagonal would give me wonky bias pieces. And I was so not wanting to deal with misshaped half triangles.

So… I decided to cut the striped blocks in half horizontally. Then I added a black and white half block. I added one half block of tangerine in the oddball spaces on the left side.

It is really going slow. For now. I think once I am comfortable with my decision, I will go faster.

Starting The New Year With Black and White and Stripes

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I have decided this will be my first quilted item for 2012. Something old combined with something new. The strips were sewn around June last year. My plan was to make pillow covers. But couldn’t decide on two large, four small or one large/two small.

So, rather than cut into it until I made up my mind, I just enjoyed folding it different ways and taking photos.

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So now it has been rescued from the Round-To-It Pile. And guess what? It won’t be pillow covers after all!! It is going to be a quilt. I “think” I want to make Half Square Triangles. Half stripes. Half black and white. And since I have been accumulating black and white fabric for a year, I should have more than enough to get started.

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And I think I will work in the new color for 2012. Tangerine. (Read all about it below.)

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So… that’s what I am working on. What are you working on? Have you made your first 2012 crafty item yet?

2012 Color of the Year



Instructions To Make “Little Missy” Macrame Purse

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This little macrame purse gets the most views and clicks than any other item on my blog. In red/pink and brown/cream.

Free Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.comFree Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.comFree Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.comFree Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.comFree Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.com

I bet you didn’t know I had the instructions on how to make it posted.

I had the title as How To Close Up A Macrame Purse. Duh!! Silly me!! If you didn’t read the whole post, then you missed my instructions.

Well, time to remedy that. I fixed my goof. I renamed the blog post so you could find it better during searches.

You can make it in any color. Solid, striped. Add buttons and bows.

Free Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.comFree Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.comFree Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.comFree Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.comFree Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.comFree Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.com

If you want to make one, go here.


And let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!!

Looking Back… 2011 In Photos

(Update Jan 8, 2012. DeeDee wins the “count” giveaway. See my post announcing the winner. Thanks.)

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It’s been exactly one year since I first learned to quilt. You can see my post here.


The sewing part was easy. I had been sewing since I was a teenager. Many moons ago. The quilting part, uh well, that wasn’t so easy. Fear of cutting off my hand gave me lots of pause moments. And second was the mystery of all the different feet attachments to my “dust collecting” sewing machine.

But thanks to quilt books and magazines, the net, especially You Tube, I managed to quilt quite a few things over the last 12 months.

I wanted to capture 2011 in photos for my records. So next year, hopefully I can look back at the beginning to gauge how far I progressed. I will show you the most memorable First’s. And then you will see “collections” of things I made. I tried to put them in groups to reduce the number of photos.

OK.. Ready?

My Walk Down 2011′s Quilting Lane.

First item made. Folded Star Trivet.

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First finished quilt top. Drunkard’s Path blocks.

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First item quilted. Dresden Plate Wall Hanging.

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My Proudest Moments.

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And now, on with The SHOW!! 2011 In Photos…

Novelty Fabrics.

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Doll quilts and pillows.

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More doll pillows and bedding.

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Mug rugs, table mats, play mats.

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Table runners.

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Pillow covers.

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Odd and ends.

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Quilts/Quilt Tops.

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The LAST items made.

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And who can forget all those 4 1/2″ scrap blocks!! I made 338 of them. And used up quite a few.

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It was a very productive year!!

How productive?

I will let you guess. Not counting the individual scrap blocks, can you guess how many sewing/quilting items I made in 2011?

The 1st person to guess correctly (or coming the closest) wins a prize. I will select one of my handcrafted items and mail it off to you.

How many sewing/quilting items did I make in 2011? Post your answer in comments. Thanks much!!